Lots of fun, challenge and adventure!

Our events programme across 2018/2019 is gearing up to deliver some amazing experiences to every section. Our dedicated events team have a wide range of events planned!

To help families plan, details (dates, final cost etc.) you can find some information and guide costs for each event below.

Events for beaver scouts

Look out for events coming soon.

Events for cub scouts

Look out for events coming soon.

Events for scouts and explorer scouts

To help finance these amazing opportunities, we have a range of fundraising and funding options. To find out more information, click here.
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Our events

HLS Events are delivered by the district events team in conjunction with section leaders. We have a wide and active programme of events for 2018/19 and beyond.

Check out our events opposite, or have a more detailed look at the district calendar below.

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District & county calendars
You can check out our calendar with all of our dates below: