Questions about the campsite

Where will we camp?

The event takes place at Moor House Adventure Centre. A plan will be shared from 20th June. Our events team will be on hand to advise on site location. 

What equipment do we need?

Scout groups are expected to provide and transport all camping equipment to accommodate the cubs they have attending. Single sex adult leader sleeping tents (mess tents) will be also provided. Leaders could also opt to bring their own sleeping tent.

When can we setup our tents?

Tent pitching is available on Thursday 29th June from 5.30pm and during the day on Friday 30th June. Due to other activities at Moor House, we're not able to pitch any earlier. 

Where can adults park their car for the weekend?

Moor House has ample car parking on-site. 

How will drop-off and pickup work?

It is expected that parents and carers will drop off cubs in the layby near the entrance to Moor House. Cubs will meet a leader from their pack at a prearranged time (6.00pm - 7.30pm) and cubs will carry their own bag down to the site. Our events team will be on hand to welcome everyone and guide them to their campsite. 

On Sunday, cubs will be collected by parents from the layby at an arranged time. 
Questions about programme/food

When/where is the leaders' meeting?
A leaders' meeting for cub scout leaders will held - details to be published here.

What are the food arrangements?

We will be centrally catering and using a large marquee for mealtimes. The menu will be discussed at the leaders' meeting, though will be carefully chosen to be cub-friendly! The special dietary needs of individuals will be met. 

Drinks, including hot and cold will be always be available for everyone. 

Who is providing the programme?

The camp programme will be planned in detail at the leaders' meeting. Cub leaders from each pack will be asked to run a themed activity over the weekend; budget for resources is available. 

Questions relating to young people

How do bookings work? 

Parents and carers (and leaders) are expected to book and pay for the camp using the online system. There is no alternative means of doing this as the system is also the personal information and consent system. Cub leaders are asked not to get involved with booking or handling of money. 

Can I see which young people are going?

The events team will provide weekly extracts of data from our online system. We are piloting direct access for cub leaders too. If you're a bit of a techno-guru and are interested, please get in touch.

How will cubs' medical needs be met?

Cub scout leaders will manage the medication and individual needs of their own cubs. Parents are asked to describe the medication needs during the booking process and discuss with local leaders. We'll pass this information on to you ahead of the camp. 

How will first aid be managed?
First aid (and supplies) will be managed by our events team.