What are the food arrangements?

We will be preparing and serving food in our saloon marquee. The menu will be cub-friendly and simple. We'll serve a hot breakfast, sandwich-type lunch and a hot dinner with dessert. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. If your child has special dietary requirements, please note these on the booking form and we'll be in touch to discuss their precise needs. 

How can I find out who else from cubs is going?

Each week, cub leaders at your local pack will receive an updated list of who's going. Therefore, please contact your leader for more information.

The kit list says wild west costume, what do you mean?

Cowboys and cowgirls. You could view some ideas on this Pinterest board. Stick to home-made. There is no need to buy it in. Although we expect most cubs will take part, costume is optional.

My cub has particular needs - how will you meet them?

Please tell us about individual's needs at the time of booking, or discuss with your local cub leader. Scouting is inclusive and we'll do everything we can to make sure that everyone has a great time with us. 

I've a question about booking or paying for the camp.

If you opted for a installments ticket, then you won't receive your ticket to attend until the final payment is collected on 2nd June. Don't worry though, once the deposit is paid, your place is secured. Please email queries to events@hls-scouts.org.uk

My child is a fussy eater - what will happen about food?

Our menu is very much cub-friendly.  Please be reassured though that noone will go hungry - we'll prepare something specially if necessary. 

Breakfasts: Cereal, fruit juice, sausage or bacon sandwiches
Lunch: 'Cubway' sandwiches with a choice of fillings made to order; crisps & fruit.
Dinner: Pies/Sausage Roll/Pastie with mash, peas, beans or gravy. Ice Cream.
Suppers: Muffins/drinks/hot chocolate
Other: Drinks always available; fruit snacks during the day. 
My child needs to take medication - who will manage this?

We'll ask you to explain about medication needs when you book to attend. During the weekend, your usual cub leader will hold and manage cubs' prescribed medication. Our event first aid team will be around to advise too.