Come along to our families’ evening, meet the adult team and find out more!

(this includes departure/ arrival information)

Follow our adventure!

Call the update line (updated whilst we're travelling): 07572 892959

Travel information
  • Departure: Saturday 16th February @ 8.30am, Washington Services (Southbound)
  • Return: Monday 18th February @ 8.30am, Washington Services (Northbound)
    • We'll text you on Monday afternoon/ evening when we know an exact arrival time

Communication/ getting in touch when we're away

Carl Hickman is our Home Contact. 
07736 935466

Please don't contact cub leaders directly whilst we're away!

Cubs builds confidence, independence and skills for life. 

Cubs go Capital is planned, delivered and managed by a team of experienced adult leaders from our scout district. Safety is always our number one priority and we have a great track record of safely leading large events (see examples here). 

Our comprehensive event plan manages every aspect of the event. Young people will work in small groups of around 15, led by experienced adults trained in first aid, and be supervised at all times. Our team work within a defined a set of protocols, risk assessments and contingency plans (for a range of scenarios) in our event plan which is available upon request.

Our adults work closely with SafeStay, our accommodation providers, as well as our activity providers, to ensure every aspect of the event is safely delivered.

Safety is our top priority.
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