Young Leaders: Session 6

What's it all about?!
Session 6 is the final session of the young leader training scheme. It's designed for Young Leaders who have been in role for more than 6 months, but any current Young Leaders can come along too! 

This session concludes your training and looks at how you can play a role in planning programmes, planning and running events and basic first aid training.

It's a weekend away in Northumberland, we'll be heading out to explore Holy Island and the picturesque Northumberland Coast. There'll be time to build fires, hike and to relax too! You'll have your input into the district event programme for 2018 too!

Session 6 ran in May 2017. The next Session 6 will run in Spring 2018.

Money shouldn't be a barrier to you attending this event. If you want to attend but  cost is an issue for you (or a parent/ guardian), please contact Jack Fletcher ( for confidential information about ways we can help.

Pictures from 2016

Jack Fletcher,
7 Feb 2016, 05:02