Contact details - London (16th - 18th Feb 2019)
Cub scouts (aged 8-10 years old)

  • Jack Fletcher is the adult/ event leader in charge
    • call 07429 562964
  • Alternatively, Jonathan Chicken (also an adult leader) can also be contacted
    • call 07801 850914

We're based in/ around Central London city centre, staying in Kensington.

What should I do?

  • Use the contact details opposite to contact us
  • Reassure the young person they're safe
  • Wait with the young person and/ or take them to an official (police officer, uniformed staff member etc.) until help arrives
  • Do not allow the young person to directly contact home
    • All emergencies must be directed to the event leaders (above)

Who we are
We're a scout district from the North East of England near Sunderland and Newcastle.
  • We run an events programme - this is one of our events.
  • Our volunteers have medical and other information for all participants.
  • We're led by volunteers who are all first aid trained.
  • We have an event leader (see above).
  • We have a comprehensive event plan for this event.
  • Some of our adults carry first aid kits.
  • Our young people range from 6-18.

What are contact cards?
We give every young person an emergency contact card to stay safe in the unlikely event they get lost or are separated from the group.

The contact card has:
  • Contact details of the event leader 
  • A link to our emergency webpage
Thank you!
Thank you for helping us in ensuring our young people stay safe. We very much appreciate your help during this time!