Group Support


Compass is the new Membership Management System from the Scout Association. The system is expected to relaunch in the summer of 2015 following a period of instability leading to its national withdrawal. 

Once available, you will be able to access the Compass system at and user guides are available at

In order to support the migration HLS district are developing a Google Form which can be emailed to group members in order to collect the additional data required in the compass system. Once you access the doc for your group, please make a copy by clicking File, Make a Copy and share with the relevant people.
Please note:
  • Once you have completed data collection, you will then need to copy the information collected to the mass upload form for Compass
  • There are 2 fields which will need to be completed from current records which are the date of joining scouting and the date of joining the section.
  • The form collects more than the mandatory compass data such as photo consent and some data will not be uploaded to compass in the first mass upload.
  • The form is free to be copied for use by any other groups, however groups should check that they are happy with the data that will be collected and that it matches the data requirements of the compass system, HLS Scouts are not responsible for any issues as a result of using our form.
  • Once collected, data for Explorers and Young Leaders needs to filtered out and shared with District for Explorer Upload.
The template for mass upload to is available from the Scout Association here and instructions for the bulk upload are here.

The alternative is to manually enter data into compass on a line by line basis.