posted 26 May 2009, 07:33 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 6 Jun 2009, 05:32 by Jack Fletcher ]
Hi all,
I cannot believe how Extraordinary today was (Group B) 1st We went on the high ropes, 2nd We Went Rafting.
The High Ropes was AMAZING! Everyone Gave It Ago and the people who continued put 120% Effort in too stay on the games, We done the huge zip lines across the lake!
Then We went rafting, We had a totally mad instructor; Tom dropped his paddel- We got it back- Then The Guide said he said stand on the edge of the raft and dance then he gave him a demo!
We had a Short but dramatic thunderstorm today as It was lunch and the skies were black so it started to rumble then to rain and finally the lightning!
Having a great time although a little bit colder than it has been all week but fine!
à bientôt
Jack F