It's hottt

posted 25 May 2009, 11:46 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 6 Jun 2009, 05:36 by Jack Fletcher ]
Hi. Alice, Ashleigh, Keiran and Laura here :)

Today we have been doing Via Ferrata and Canyoning.
So basically climbing sideways up a mountain and natural water slidess :):)
During the water slides however Kev managed to dislocate his finger and still carry on!
The mountains were like really high up (obv.) and congrats to certain individuals for completing it!
Bikes was difficult especially in 34°C :/
everyone's having an awesome time and the weather is better then the U.K :P
apart from the thunder storm last night, that looked like glitter :)
it's still like boilingg thoughh :)
Check out the pics here.

Au Revoirr