Day 5!!!!!

posted 26 May 2009, 12:43 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 26 May 2009, 13:11 by Jack Fletcher ]
so far in group A
we have been on a all day bike ride and where martin did a spectacular crash where he was bounceing and flipd over the ha,ndle bars hurting himself in the wrong place xD and ashley fell off hirting her leg very badly, also the day consits of lots of water fights as it was stupidly hot. every one did there best and wre all made it to the end. we have also do via ferrata and canyoning, the via ferrat was very scary for some people buty for others they found it as something to set as a challenge. but every one did realli well, big congrats to sam and mr barret!!! the canyoning was great fun, big, fun, fast water slides and huge water pools to jump in to. every one had a great time.... but kev disucalted his finger just at the end of it, and had to be taken to hospitel to get it checked out.
And today we did rafting and it was amazing, realli goofd fun, i was the first to fall in, in my raft xD it was scary, didnt expect it, went straight out and half way under the raft =SS but i was pull back in quickly =D. and we did the high ropes in the afternoon; god it was hard my arms are killing now =(;. but we all had loads of fun!!!
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