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Until Next Time...

posted 31 May 2009, 09:41 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 6 Jun 2009, 04:07 by Jack Fletcher ]

Now it's time to draw 'Ultimate Alpine Adventure 09' To a close, This year has been FANTASTIC and we have had an excellent bunch of Scouts, Explorers, Young Leaders and Adult Leaders. This trip could not happen without the support of a tremendous leader team, so on behalf of everyone on the trip and the parents: Thank You!

But we would still would be in Washington without help from our good friend and driver: Malcolm Stewart. Malcolm has been coming to european trips now for around 4 years and has had an excellent time at all 4, Sadly Malcolm is retiring after France 2010 and will be missed!

Could anyone with pictures please email them to: and we would hope to have collected all photos by June 10th and have a huge album filled with lots of happy memories.

And finally next year; The accommodation we have been going to (Chalet Le Sauvageon) We have prebooked-Provisionally- for next years trip with new activities such as: Summer Sledge Run, Canyoning in a different location, Caving and Rafting with a difference!

Hope to see you all next year!

Rafting and Climbing

posted 28 May 2009, 12:35 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 08:59 by Jack Fletcher ]

Today group d went rafting in the morning, it was great fun as i have never done it before.
we all got quiet wet as alot if splashing went on.
then after lunch the group went climbing, i did not do it as i don't like heights.
kate did really well she climbed up(twice) as if she had been doing it for ages.
also chris did really well to.
after climbing we went to the lake for chill out.
tonight we are having a sing song  and disco lights.
as tomorrow we are coming home so sad.
see you all soon

The Freezing Waters Below

posted 28 May 2009, 11:20 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:00 by Jack Fletcher ]

Hello and welcome to the final part of France


Today I had the rafting and it was fantastic and it was freezing as well and I should know cuz it was. There were sometimes where I nearly fell in but I stayed in (whew).

In the afternoon we did the rock climbing and it was ok and I think everyone enjoyed it and Kate got to the top 2 times in a row.

And this concludes the scout 2009 France trip


Jack R

Another Day in France

posted 27 May 2009, 12:40 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:03 by Jack Fletcher ]

Today i did bikes. i also went on the high ropes course.
There was only one scary part and that was the part when there was only one bit of wire. there was a really freaky french dude who went and sprayed tim with deoderant.
i hope mum and dad get my postcard.

having a great time

Poppy :]

Death Defying Heights

posted 27 May 2009, 11:17 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:10 by Jack Fletcher ]

Hello and welcome to part 3


Today we had the bike riding and it was fun but it was a pain in the backside literally the instructor kept on going over roots and when I went over it really hurt a lot I was really glad when we got back.


In the afternoon we did the high ropes course and my god it was high at one point it took me awhile to get over one point because I got scared but I conquered my fear and done it and I enjoyed going over the lake


Coming tomorrow the final part and more


Jack R


posted 27 May 2009, 09:39 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:06 by Jack Fletcher ]

Today hasn't been the best for me i'll admit haha,
groups A and B were going up to the mountain hut, however I had to go back because i was dehydrated and my leg needed seeing too properly. So
Malcolm took me to hospital where they bandaged up my leg and cleansed it, that hurt ahaha,
so now groups A and B are at the hut and I am all by myself with groups C and D... :(

From Ashleigh :)

Holly ere or Scarface - lol

posted 27 May 2009, 09:29 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:08 by Jack Fletcher ]

Its my first time abroad and im luvin it so far
I scratched my head on the way up-hense the name
I love all the activities and done everything
The mountain was hard but we got loads of support therfore we got there in the end

Pic include:Ryon, Ying tai, Ryan Laurance Chris Kate ME Chris and Linsday-lol

Town Visit and High Ropes

posted 27 May 2009, 09:27 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:09 by Jack Fletcher ]

Hi Andy here,
Today group C went to visit the town of Samoens first then visited the High Ropes course in the village next to Lac Bleu where we went for a swim after. In the morning we visted the historical town of Samoens which has quite a few shops for you to look in. Once we got to the town we went off in groups and looked around the town then met back at 10:50 and went to Morillon village just for 15 minutes to have a look round there. When we got back it was time for lunch after lunch we set off to the High Ropes course in the village of Morillon. Also when we fineshed the High Ropes we went for a swim in Lac Bleu which in English is Lake Blue. The High Ropes was very high if you went on the black course like i did but still it was very exiting and a fun time to enjoy. When every one was finieshed some people went in the lake, the lake has a deep bit where you can jump off and dive into the lake a very fun time even though the lake is freezing cold.


posted 27 May 2009, 09:21 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:14 by Jack Fletcher ]

Today we had a brilliant time in the town, (Saomens) because it was lovely and sunny , so are the towns people .I'm having a great  time now because i've made loads of new friends, and dont worry i'm not being a soap dodger because the showers are lovley and warm. we also did the high ropes course. I was a bit scared but I easily over came my fear.
 Ta Ta for now,
Tim : )

High ropes

posted 27 May 2009, 09:20 by HLS Scouts   [ updated 31 May 2009, 09:16 by Jack Fletcher ]

Today we went on high ropes in the after noon and we had such a great time and we had to ware things that gave you a very bad wedjee it was so uncomftible. some of the high rore obsticals were very hard and tricky and some are so fun their was one were you went across a lake then you had to climb tree then go back across it was rely fun.
Their was also some difficalt scary ones were the things you need to stand on are rely fare aport and wobble they are the worst.
Every one did very very well and rely enjoyed it.
By Lindsay W.

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