White Water Rafting
One of the many highlights of the adventure is of course, white water rafting;
it's all about a crystal blue alpine river, pushing your raft ever faster downstream. Firstly, the instructors meet us, everyone kitted up already with a
helmet and a buoyancy aid, then, we join Pierre on the side of the river and practice a few manoeuvres - getting used to sitting tight in the raft, wedging feet and sitting confidently on the raft side. He describes 'security' the position we'd take to avoid an small overhanging branch. Once Pierre is confident everyone has he hang of it - the fun really starts. As the river carries the raft further downstream, the team become more, and more confident - standing, dancing and even playing
 the air guitar on the side of the raft. 
Watch our video from 2012...

Via Ferrata
Our older scouts and explorer scouts traverse the Via Ferrata.  High up above the town and with spectacular views, the climb is not for the faint hearted. Wearing helmet and harness and following a comprehensive safety briefing and try-out, Scouts work in small groups with an instructor to make their way up and across the rock face, over the suspension bridge and over the crag. See our photos from 2012.

Mountain Hut & Hike
Rarely does anyone get to wake up above the cloud line, at over 2000m above sea level, and as ever, scouts will spend a day on a mountain hike with an
experienced guide - ascending ever and ever higher, whilst the guide shows and explains to the group the nature on the mountain - everything from Foxes to Flowers. Then, after a few hours hike, we reach the mountain hut - a place where scouts spend the night - the hut reflects the nature of the mountain hut, with a log burning fire and a very simplistic lifestyle. Then, after a magnificent sunrise and amazing views down into the valley below, scouts make the descent and spend the afternoon relaxing at Lac Bleu.

Les Activités
During the week, Scouts form into groups of similar age and ability and work with an adult team to try their hand at new activities. Each day has a different activity theme that is likely to include; rafting, walking, local town visit, swimming, high ropes and climbing. A local town visit allows a tourist and shopping opportunity at the end of the week before we leave the Alps mid afternoon on Friday.

Really, everyone wants to be a kid. Canyoning brings out the inner 6-year old in everyone, because after the kitting up (and the infamous 'nappies' have been strapped on to aid the ride) it's time to slide! After a safety briefing, our guide Michelle leads the way. As scouts make their way down the lime-stone gorge, with naturally formed 'slides', the ride becomes better and better - with the less faint hearted even opting for a jump into a deep pool in the gorge!

High Ropes Course
A treetop adventure...the high ropes course allows scouts to challenge themselves on treetop 'games'. Everyone begins their adventure in the 'test zone' where you are carefully watched and if the instructor deems you safe enough to continue - you do so, and if not, you keep going until you are safe. Once you've passed, it's over to you, the games vary in difficulty, but all are amazingly good fun - with everything from Tarzan-style swings to a zip wire across Lac Bleu.

During the week abroad, we spend a day in Chamonix - half of the day is spent well about the clouds at over 4000m in a cable car which allows young people to see Mont. Blanc up close and (very) personal. Young People also cross the border into Italy for a short period of time. After young people are left feeling 'thoroughly alpine', they then descend back into Chamonix for an afternoon of fun-filled antics in parc de loisirs, on the 1300m luge and the nautic jet! Watch a video!

Lac Bleu
Lac Bleu is a crystal-blue alpine lake which is perfect for swimming (if you're brave enough). For those who don't fancy a plodge, there's a café or some rays to catch! During the week, Lac Bleu can serve as a central meeting point for the groups - if an activity is finished early, and the weather is typically alpine, often group leaders take their groups to Lac Bleu - so lots of sun-tan lotion is required!